All our high chrome grinding media are backed by the following performance warranty:

1/ All grinding balls are manufactured from required steel (steel heating number will be recorded, tracked for 5 years)
2/ No scrap or defective steel quality used for manufacturing
3/ Steel bar tags in heat number and amount in tons per heat achieved and certified before production.
4/ CQPS Process used for production
5/ Heat number painted on steel drums
6/ SGS Inspection done and certified in harbor prior to loading
7/ The balls supplied in heat treatment condition, quenched and tempered so as to obtain a microstructure of  chromium
carbide in martensitic matrix. Continuous carbide network not present
8/ Variation of  hardness of balls from surface to core does  not exceed 1.5 HRC
9/ The tensile strength of balls are such that they do not break nor spall during operation. If the balls break and  
independent investigation shows the cause is defectiveness, then balls are replaced at our cost
10/ There is stability in ball shape such that it can be used even when worn out to the smallest diameter
11/ The balls are uniformly spherical in shape and there is no appreciable variation between any two products of same size
12/ The dimensional tolerance of new balls are:

100 – 50 mm: +/- 3 mm
40 – 25 mm: +/- 2 mm
20 mm and below: +/- 1.5 mm

13/ The balls  have uniform roundness. Roundness tolerance for all diameters shall be +/- 2% where Roundness is defined as:

[(Maximum Diameter – Minimum Diameter) x 100] / Nominal Diameter

14/ Tolerance of used balls are +/- 4% for all diameters
15/ For all dry cement mills but without Slag, the ball wear rate do not exceed 40 g/tons of ground material. If this  wear
rate is exceeded and the cause is found by independent investigator to be due to defectives, then product are replaced at
our cost
16/ The warranty period after products have been received and inspected by end user is 12 months